We Create Lift | Scenic Highway 30A
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Scenic Highway 30A

The stand of Long Leaf Pines on the shore of Grayton Beach State Park’s Western Lake is easily the most-photographed scene on Florida’s Highway 30-A—to the point of being cliché. This photo is the result of a request to create an image of the scene that is “the same but different”. We chose a chilly morning at sunrise with no wind and crisp clear skies. The image was composed with items of interest in the foreground, mid-ground, and background and, while not the main focal point of the scene, the iconic pine stand is depicted at the actual size visitors view it from the highway. We think we nailed “the same but different” and the client was very pleased. When published, the image skyrocketed to the top of the 500px charts and received much love from fellow professional photographers around the world.


Landscape Photography


Private Commission