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The Great American Picnic Branding

Great American Picnic

The Great American Picnic is an annual family event, open to the public, for the purpose of creating awareness of, and exposure to, the Watersound Origins community. A branding campaign was created to promote this year’s event which included print, signage and digital creative.

Watersound Origins Display Advertising

Watersound Origins Billboard

This outdoor display ad campaign was designed to promote Watersound Origin’s active real estate development in South Walton, Florida. The design uses an image of the community’s main entrance to create awareness of the development’s location and a connection between the brand and its price point.

Watersound Origins Sales Brochure

Watersound Origins Brochure

This custom-made brochure was developed as a marketing tool for the Watersound Origins real estate sales team in South Walton, Florida. The first and last inside-front and inside-back pages are translucent and communicate the vision of first dreaming of a home, then realizing the dream as the reader transitions to full-color pages. The inside back cover provides a pocket folder to hold addition loose sales collateral, and die-cut to hold the sales agent’s business cards. The uncoated paper stock evokes the vast forest ecosystem which surrounds the community. The brochure is enclosed in a custom-made envelope (not pictured).

Watersound Origins Sales Brochure

Watersound Origins

Watersound Origins requested a full-page real estate ad design which evoked feelings of home and family to generate buyer interest and sales in the new development.