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The Great American Picnic Branding

Great American Picnic

The Great American Picnic is an annual family event, open to the public, for the purpose of creating awareness of, and exposure to, the Watersound Origins community. A branding campaign was created to promote this year’s event which included print, signage and digital creative.

Polar Plunge Logo

WaterColor Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge is an annual event held in WaterColor, Florida on New Year’s Day. Participants receive a commemorative t-shirt after a swim in the Gulf of Mexico. The color palette used for the annual event logo and t-shirt align with WaterColor branding. Our designer chose a playful Polar Bear mascot that proved a hit with the client and event participants.

Turkey Trot 5K Logo

Watercolor Turkey Trot

Held annually on Thanksgiving Day in WaterColor, Florida, the Turkey Trot 5K draws both local residents and out-of-market visitors to the area. Our designer used traditional fall colors, feathers, and the area’s iconic trees as the primary elements of this year’s race logo and t-shirt design.

The VIV's Anniversary T-Shirt

Band T-Shirt Design

We created this t-shirt design to commemorate the band’s 31-year career. The late 1970’s design style invokes the band’s New England roots and a feeling of nostalgia.