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Good graphic design is three things—nothing more, and nothing less: Simple, beautiful, and effective. The best designs appear deceptively simple; Almost invisible. Yet, every day, consumers (and you yourself) make purchasing decisions made solely on design. Good design can, and often will trump price and quality in a consumer’s decision making process. This is fact, not speculation.

The best designs appear deceptively simple; Almost invisible.

Good design is the result of a number of concepts and disciplines acting in concert: typography, color theory, and composition. While intuition and artistry are required components of any good design, it should never be forgotten that graphic design is not art for art’s sake, it is art with a purpose. The ability to both understand and effectively address this purpose is the result of years of education and training.

LIFT creates designs that are both elegant and effective. We’re experts in both the commercial printing process and the digital marketing space. From pre-press to pay-per-click, our designers ensure that your project is perfect from the moment you approve it, to the moment it rolls off the press or appears in your digital campaign.

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Graphic Design & Layout by LIFT